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So for all you followers who already know, as well as those who are just joining in, for the past few weeks CARAVAN PLUS at 69 Union Street has been hosting the works of EIKO & KOMA. And for the next DownStreet Art opening on Thursday, August 29th CARAVAN PLUS is excited to collaborate with dancer/choreographer/performer/artist/investigator Kerri Countryman for a site-specific performance, inhabit (artifact).

inhabit (artifact) will take place in and around the “CARAVAN PLUS” exhibition. The piece draws from elements found in Eiko & Koma’s work, juxtaposing movement with environment to provoke the audience to question and ponder their own relationship with everyday notions of time, space, and their surroundings. Viewers will have the opportunity to witness Countryman at various stages of inhabiting the space, which includes the gallery and its surroundings. The audience is free to come and go as they please for the duration of the performance, while also viewing the exhibition. Following the performance, there will be an informal artist reception from 8:15 to 9pm.

There will be food, there will be drinks, and there will be creative collaborations all around!

There will also be a Trolley service providing transportation from Main Street up to 69 Union Street for your convenience.


Spreading The Word


All time high number of visiters yesterday! Nothing like a nice Saturday afternoon to bring people out and about. Just follow the green DownStreet Art footprints up to 69 Union Street to see what CARAVAN PLUS is all about!

And We’re Open!


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After the much anticipated exhibition opening Wednesday night and performance for DownStreet Art Thursay, CARAVAN PLUS at 69 Union Street up and running! Gallery hours are Wednesday – Friday 12 to 6, Saturday 10 to 6, and Sunday 10 to … Continue reading

Feelin’ Good

It’s starting to feel real! I got my first official visiters today! A couple from Manhattan stopped in today to see the exhibition because they saw it on the DownStreet Art Map.

Unfortunately I had to inform them that the exhibition doesn’t officially open until Wednesday Evening. It’s quite exciting to see that CARAVAN PLUS is already drumming up some interest!

Keep it coming folks! See you at the exhibition!


It has been quite the first week, so let me update you with the latest developments!

As the gallery renovations are coming along, it is time to focus on the exhibition itself. Up unitl this point last week what we knew was that 69 Union Street was going to be home for The Caravan of EIKO & KOMA’s The Caravan Project. What we didn’t know was what else we were going to get from the artists collection of work. Therefore, a trip to KOMA’s appartment in NYC was in order!

The meeting was very successful. It was decided that the exhibition would include several large scale photographs that capture the beautiful strokes of the duo’s movement and 7 video boxes that allow the audience to peer down inside and view past performances. We will also be exhibiting various pieces from different sets including drops and costumes, most of which are hand made by EIKO & KOMA themselves! Its shaping up to be an enticing exhibition with a breadth of art to display.

Here are some images from past EIKO & KOMA exhibitions. Not all the same pieces will be shown but its a preview of what we have in store…

ek_3271_image ek_3276_image ek_2680_image ek_3398_image